Should You Choose a Metal Roof?

Whether you are in need of a roof for your home or a commercial building for your business, there are many different roofing material choices available. In recent years, many home and business owners have opted for a metal roof instead of the more standard materials like asphalt or wood shingles. There are some distinct benefits to choosing metal for your Richmond roofing, so here’s a guide to determine whether a metal roof could be right for you.

A Brief History of Metal Roofs

There was a time when metal roofs were nothing more than siding panels screwed to the frame of your building and caulked together at the seams. Most metal roofs would eventually begin to leak, especially after several seasons of expanding and contracting with the changing temperatures. For this reason, metal roofs were often a last resort.

Today, metal roofs are attached to structures with concealed sliding clips, making them better at accommodating changing temperatures, expansion, and contraction. With less movement in the sealant, it is better at protecting against leaks.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Today people choose metal roofing in Richmond, VA with more frequency because of its many benefits. Here are some of the reasons people are considering metal as a viable option.

  • Metal roofing is both lightweight and durable, and available in a wide variety of different metals, including aluminum, steel, copper, and lead.
  • Since metal can be painted, it comes in virtually any color you might want.
  • It is extremely durable, designed to last as long as 40 to 60 years, depending on the quality of the metal and the installation.
  • It requires virtually no maintenance or upkeep.
  • Metal roofing is also very energy efficient and eco-friendly, helping you save money on your monthly energy bills and lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Because of its durability, it can add value to your home and even potentially lower your homeowner’s insurance costs.

A metal roof may not be the right option for every home or business, but if it’s time to get a new roof, it’s worth talking to your roofing contractors in Richmond, VA to find out if a metal roof would work for you.

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