Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt roofs come in three basic categories. The first category is three-tab shingles, which generally last 15-20 years and have a 60-mph wind warranty. The second category is architectural shingles, which generally have a limited lifetime warranty and have a 110 to 130 mph wind warranty. The third category is designer shingles, which generally last a little longer than architectural shingles but have a more distinctive look.

We can install any brand of shingle you like but the brand that we use the most of is the Atlas shingle. Through Atlas’ partnership with Scotchgard(TM), Atlas is the only brand of shingles that offers a lifetime warranty against unsightly algae streaks. Atlas also has other benefits, including a wider nailing area to help make sure the shingles are installed properly.

Commercial Roofing

A Plus Roofing does commercial roofing, including new construction and re-roofing. Recent projects have included TPO roofs on a school and various businesses as well as large new construction and shingle re-roof projects. We have re-roofed a lot of churches around town. References are available upon request.

Photos of a shingle roof replacement project on a church in Richmond.

Photos of a synthetic slate project we did on a church in Petersburg.

Low Slope Roofs

A Plus Roofing installs TPO and EPDM roofs on commercial and residential buildings. We are a GAF Master Contractor and Certified Maintenance Professional (CMP), which means that we can offer enhanced warranties directly through GAF, which is North America’s largest manufacturer of roofing products.

Below are pictures from a few jobs we’ve completed.

We also coat metal roofs. A few pictures from a fire station roof we coated are below.

Metal Roofs

Though a greater investment than shingles, metal roofs are beautiful. We do standing seam metal roofs as well as 5v and corrugated metal roofs for barns and outbuildings. Below are a few pictures from recent projects.

Slate, Cedar, and Synthetic Slate and Cedar

Slate roofs are the most expensive roofs but many believe that they offer unsurpassed beauty. Additionally, slate roofs last well over a hundred years and therefore offer unrivaled durability. We offer a variety of slate styles and thicknesses from domestic and European quarries to meet your preferences.

We also install DaVinci synthetic slate. Synthetic slate looks very similar to real slate but weighs less. Many homes are not structured to accept the heavy weight of a slate roof whereas all homes can hold the lighter weight of synthetic slate. Synthetic slate also costs significantly less than real slate as it is easier to install.

We are a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor, which means we have been through training on the correct installation procedures and have been nominated by the DaVinci territory manager to be part of the Masterpiece program. Among other things, this enables us to extend the non pro-rated portion of the 50-year warranty from 10 to 15 years.

DaVinci slate has a lot of benefits over other synthetic slates. For example, the product has a web-backed design to prevent cupping (curling) of the slate. DaVinci slate comes in many different colors, has superior fade resistance qualities, and comes with an outstanding warranty. Davinci slate also has a class 4 impact rating, which may reduce your homeowner’s insurance by approximately 10% if you have a traditional asphalt-based shingle.

Cedar roofs are also a beautiful roofing choice and add a historic look to a home. Cedar roofs come in different shapes and styles and generally last about as long as an architectural-style asphalt shingle. We also offer Davinci synthetic cedar, which has certain advantages over real cedar. For example, synthetic cedar lasts longer, is more fade resistant, weighs less, and is more durable.

Gutters and Gutter Guards

A Plus Roofing installs various types of gutters and gutter guards. We install both 5” and 6” seamless k-style gutters, commercial box gutters, and copper gutters. Pictures of a few jobs are below.

We also install gutter guards. Gutter guards come in a variety of styles that each have their own unique pros and cons (as well as price). An estimator can walk through some of the gutter guard options with you after seeing your unique gutter situation. We consider various factors such as amount of tree coverage, type of tree (pine, oak, etc.), steepness of roof, length of roof run, type of roofing material installed, and tolerance for potential run over when formulating a potential gutter guard solution.

Siding & Windows

A Plus Roofing installs siding and windows. There are a plethora of siding options available including a host of vinyl siding options (horizontal, board and batten, scalloped, shake, insulated), cement siding such as Hardie Plank, and wood siding.

We also install new construction and replacement windows, which come in a variety of different styles.

An estimator can walk you through these options after seeing your project and learning your overall style, financial, and functionality goals.

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