Offering Quality Roofing in Mechanicville

Over time, your roofing can sustain a significant amount of damage from exposure to the elements, leaving your shingles to wear down or even fall off. If your roofing is wearing down or worse, A Plus Roofing is here to help.

When you’re in need of expert roof replacement in Mechanicsville, A Plus Roofing has your back. All of our roof replacement services are always completed by licensed, certified, and experienced roof installers. It’s our goal to give Mechanicsville homeowners peace of mind. We offer a wide selection of roofing materials and design options, so you can be sure your home’s new look will suit your unique tastes. You can always expect exceptional results with A Plus Roofing on your side!

The Roof Replacement Process

Our number one goal is to ensure your Mechanicville home’s roof replacement goes as smoothly as possible. After a quick phone call, we’ll schedule an on-site appointment with one of our estimators. We’ll figure out your roofing needs, measure your roof, discuss design options and details, and give you a free estimate. If you decide to use A Plus Roofing for your roof replacement, we’ll handle everything from there, and your estimator will remain as your point of contact for any questions or concerns. Call today for a free quote!

Roof Replacement with Insurance

When your Mechanicsville home suffers damage after a weather disaster, you may be able to save money on roof replacement if your roof is covered by insurance. To get started, make sure you file a claim alongside a detailed damage report. If your insurance determines your claim is warranted, they’ll send an adjuster to inspect the damage and determine how much they can cover. Once determined, A Plus Roofing will get to work. Anything not covered by insurance will be released once the work is completed.

A Wide Variety of Roofing Options

A Plus Roofing has design options and materials to fit any Mechanicsville homeowner’s tastes! Whether you’re interested in classic asphalt shingles, metal roofing, cedar shakes, or slate, we’ve got something for everyone. All of our materials come with long-lasting warranties and the assurance that they’ll stand up to the elements for years to come. Your estimator will be there to help you make the right choice.

Why Choose A Plus Roofing?

At A Plus Roofing, we understand that you want to keep your home and family safe. We’re a local, family-owned and operated business with years of service to the greater Richmond area under our belts. We make a point to always deliver services that are prompt, professional, and reliable. Our happy customers know they can count on us to always treat them and their homes with respect.  Call today to get a free quote for your Mechanicville home!