A How-To Guide: Comparing Roofing Proposals

When you are in the market for a new roof, your process for selecting a roofing contractor will likely include getting referrals from friends and family, soliciting bids from several contractors, then selecting the one you think can provide the best roof for your money. One critical step during this process is knowing how to compare Richmond roofing contractor proposals.

Comparing Apples to Apples

When you’re looking at several proposals, it can be tempting to choose your Richmond roofers based on the lowest price. But as you examine each proposal, be sure that you are comparing the same items on each bid. Some of the things the bids should have on them include:

  • An outline of the scope of work to be completed
  • The specific materials that will be used for the project
  • Estimated start and completion dates for the project
  • Warranties and other guarantees offered by the contractor

Qualified Roofers

The next step is to make sure your roofer is qualified to provide the type of roof you selected. Many roofing material manufacturers will require that a Richmond roofing contractor be licensed and approved to install their products or they will not honor the warranty.

Warranty Reviews

Not all warranties cover the same things. Check what the warranty covers before you sign the contract to be sure you are getting the same things from each proposal. If one has a 5-year warranty and another only a 1-year warranty, that should affect your decision.

Reasonable Prices

Price is often an important consideration for anyone who is getting a new roof, or roof repairs, but if Richmond roofers are giving you bids that seem way too good to be true, they probably are. The company may not be licensed, or may only provide low quality work.

When you know what to compare, you can find the most qualified roofers in Richmond, VA to get you the new roof or repairs you require.

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