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Servicing Asphalt Roofs in the Richmond, VA, Area

Asphalt roofs are the most cost-effective roofing application and are relatively long-lasting. Most of our customers choose to install an asphalt roof. However, within asphalt roofs there are a variety of options and brands to choose from, each bringing their own unique benefits and advantages to you. We can help you decide what type of asphalt roof is best for you based on your current situation and budget. Important factors to consider when shopping for a roof include the length of time you expect to be in the house, the importance of how the shingles look, warranties, and your budget.

At a high-level there are three main categories of asphalt shingles. The first and most popular category is the architectural or dimensional shingle. These shingles are the most popular and generally are rated to last for 50 years. These shingles are the most popular because they are affordable and come with better features (ex., longer life span, higher wind warranty, better algae resistance, etc.) than their 3-tab counter parts. We sell all brands of architectural shingles but our most popular brand is CertainTeed.

The second type of asphalt shingle is the “3-tab” shingle. These shingles are rated to last between 20 and 30 years but sometimes last 15 years or less. Three-tab shingles are only marginally less expensive than architectural shingles and only last about half as long. However, a three-tab shingle may be the correct option for you if you are on a very tight budget or are about to sell your house.

The third general category of shingle is the specialty or designer shingle. CertainTeed makes various specialty shingles including Grand Manor, Belmont, and Highland Slate. Designer shingles are heavier than your typical architectural shingle and add a unique look to your home that can more closely resemble a cedar or slate roof. We can walk you through various designer shingle options if it is something that you are interested in.

CertainTeed Shingles

We believe that CertainTeed offers a great value to you the consumer for the reasons listed below.


Shingle Weight

CertainTeed’s Landmark architectural shingle products are heavier by design than the major competitor’s products. Added weight translates to greater durability.

Proven Protection

CertainTeed has decades of experience with their fiberglass shingles.

Third-Party Verification

  • Underwriters Laboratory independently verifies that CertainTeed shingles meet ASTM D3462 quality standards.
  • Underwriters Laboratory verifies that CertainTeed products meet 150 mph ASTM D7158 Class H wind test.

Top Rated

A leading consumer magazine most recently rated Landmark as a “Best Buy” for the second consecutive time. CertainTeed products are consistently ranked #1 in building industry surveys.

Complete Coverage

CertainTeed warrants that it’s shingles will be free from manufacturing defects, and provides enhanced warranties.
Through our designation as a SELECT ShingleMaster™, which is reserved for only the best roofers in the nation, we can offer you a 50-year non-prorated material and labor warranty accompanied by a 25-year workmanship warranty!

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We Were Totally Pleased

A Plus Roofing recently replaced our roof, and we were very pleased with their professionalism, attention to detail, and the overall quality of the job they did. From the initial quoting process, during which Bill Kain explained how they would do things and the extra things A Plus Roofing would do to make the job look and go well, to the care of the actual workers in protecting everything around our house as they did their work, to the final cleanup of the job, we were totally pleased with our choice in contractors. I plan to use A Plus Roofing for other work on my house in the future (gutters done with roof, siding and window work in the plan), and I will heartily recommend them to all of my friends and neighbors without hesitation. 

– Henrico

Very professional

Very professional. Did exactly what they said they would do. No surprises.

– Hanover

Excellent Experience

The experience with A+ Roofing was excellent. I would recommend this company for their courteous, professional, and efficient service and expertise. We are most pleased with our new roof and the workmanship of the project. The roofing crew was amazing to watch....so hardworking and professional. Mr. Kain was in touch during the whole project and we knew were in good hands. Many thanks! 

- Chesterfield

We Are Very Satisfied

This was our first roofing experience. We checked the company out online and asked the company for references from previous jobs. I talked to two previous customers (1 asphalt roof and 1 metal roof on residential homes) and both couldn't say enough good things about the company, their crews and the quality of their work. We are very satisfied and would definitely recommend them to others.


Would Definitely Recommend!

The team was professional and thorough. The house looks like a completely different house with the beautiful new roof! There was not a speck of debris left in our yard. After the roof was on and the materials were cleaned up, I was impressed to see the workers carefully going around our whole property using giant magnets to pick up any loose nails that may have fallen.  We've had over a foot of snow and several heavy rains and have been very snug under our new roof. Would definitely recommend! 

- Henrico