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The Roofing Process

We want the entire process of purchasing and installing a new roof to be worry-free for you. That’s why we have established high standards of performance for our materials and our installation crews. Here’s what you can expect when we arrive to install your new roofing system.

  • We may deliver roofing materials a day or two ahead of the scheduled job start, and store them in your yard or on your driveway
  • Our installation crew will arrive early in the scheduled start day, often just after first light
  • Our crews are polite and respectful of your privacy
  • No loud radios, no smoking and no vulgar language is allowed on the job site
  • We protect your lawn, flowerbeds and exterior structures (porch, deck, etc.) with tarps
  • If we are tearing off your old roof, there is likely to be some noise and dust
  • We collect all old roofing materials and dispose of it in an environmentally-responsible manner
  • Once the roof is prepared, we install a specialized underlayment layer
  • We’ll install an extra layer of rubberized underlayment along the bottom edge of the roof, where rain, snow and ice can be the biggest problem
  • The roofing material (shingles, tiles, metal panels) is installed in an orderly and efficient manner
  • All roof flashing and vents are installed properly and sealed
  • Most residential roofing jobs can be completed in a single day
  • If a roof takes more than one day, we clean and secure the site at the end of each day and protect any opening in the roof against the weather
  • At the end of the job we conduct a thorough clean up and walk through
  • You approve final cleaning upon completion — we don’t leave until you are happy!

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We Were Totally Pleased

A Plus Roofing recently replaced our roof, and we were very pleased with their professionalism, attention to detail, and the overall quality of the job they did. From the initial quoting process, during which Bill Kain explained how they would do things and the extra things A Plus Roofing would do to make the job look and go well, to the care of the actual workers in protecting everything around our house as they did their work, to the final cleanup of the job, we were totally pleased with our choice in contractors. I plan to use A Plus Roofing for other work on my house in the future (gutters done with roof, siding and window work in the plan), and I will heartily recommend them to all of my friends and neighbors without hesitation. 

– Henrico

Very professional

Very professional. Did exactly what they said they would do. No surprises.

– Hanover

Excellent Experience

The experience with A+ Roofing was excellent. I would recommend this company for their courteous, professional, and efficient service and expertise. We are most pleased with our new roof and the workmanship of the project. The roofing crew was amazing to watch....so hardworking and professional. Mr. Kain was in touch during the whole project and we knew were in good hands. Many thanks! 

- Chesterfield

We Are Very Satisfied

This was our first roofing experience. We checked the company out online and asked the company for references from previous jobs. I talked to two previous customers (1 asphalt roof and 1 metal roof on residential homes) and both couldn't say enough good things about the company, their crews and the quality of their work. We are very satisfied and would definitely recommend them to others.


Would Definitely Recommend!

The team was professional and thorough. The house looks like a completely different house with the beautiful new roof! There was not a speck of debris left in our yard. After the roof was on and the materials were cleaned up, I was impressed to see the workers carefully going around our whole property using giant magnets to pick up any loose nails that may have fallen.  We've had over a foot of snow and several heavy rains and have been very snug under our new roof. Would definitely recommend! 

- Henrico